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Are you planning for the next big step in design, engineering and production? AplusV is expert in the latest construction industry’s technological advancements. With AplusV’s robotics and mass customization consultancy we bring your company to the next level in design, engineering and production. AplusV’s scientific background and practical expertise enables you to become a frontrunner in the construction industry.

The construction industry is in challenging times. We know the bottlenecks and how to overcome those. Together we empower the leap forward for a better and sustainable built environment. 

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The digital era in construction

As digital natives we understand new workflows and business models for the construction industry. Accordingly, we focus on creating new digital value chains and enabling industrialized processes for the construction industry.

Ranging from design-to-robotic manufacturing processes to transparent new ways for design interaction and optimization. 

Strategy AplusV Architecture
AplusV mass customization for industrialization construction

Optimizing design and production to grow your revenue

it is time for a productivity leap in construction

The construction industry has had very limited productivity growth over the past decades in comparison to other industries. By mimicing methods and processes from these successful industries we believe the construction industry can drastically increase its productivity. 

By transforming the artisanal construction industry to  an industrialised industry we believe modern day challenges can be overcome. While still maintaining maximum design freedom. 

Productivity AplusV Architecture

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