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Are you ready for construction industrialization? The enormous demand for affordable housing and increasing need for sustainability requires a new approach. Only with industrialization we are able to fulfil the needs for modern day housing. At AplusV we underscore the need for a better built environment. Therefore we are enabling mass customization in the construction industry!

We have developed a new digital approach for the construction industry.  By parametrization we can offer mass customization for industrialized construction. So you are able to produce faster, reliable and scalable in an unprecedented way. All while offering unique designs for unique locations. 

design to production

One of the many benefits of making building designs digital is the power to link it to production. Are you part of the construction industry value chain? We can help you link design, mass customization and production in a holistic approach optimized for your customers. 

Our digital strategy offers unique designs for unique locations, while maintaining the same kit of parts. This allows a level of scalability and sustainability uncommon in the building industry. Join our mission for enabling mass customization in the construction industry! 

AplusV mass customization in construction
AplusV mass customization construction building

We help you enable unique designs with the same kit of parts

why you should choose for mass customization

The construction industry is infamous for its volatile and diverse market. This makes it at first sight challenging and risky to invest in high initial expenditures. For example for design and engineering of building platforms, as well as manufacturing equipment and long term partnerships for industrialization. However, ultimately this is very much needed in order to meet our high housing demand and eventually lower housing prices. Because, most buildings nowadays are still usually rather prototypes than fully engineered masterpieces. And often also over budget and out of schedules. Thus, it time for a change in how we design, engineer and produce in AEC!

At AplusV we empower industrialization. By integrating mass customization in your portfolio it is possible to offer unique buildings and products while maintaining the same kit of parts. And, you stay in control over your budget, schedule and have time for product innovation!

technology driven methods

Would you like to know how to integrate customer design freedom while industrializing? We help you get the most out of your building products by using strategies from proven industries, tailored by us for the built environment. 

Interested in a sneak peak? Have a look at this timer wall mass customization demo. Use the sliders to control the live model! 


AplusV mass customization for industrialization construction

solutions for all segments

Are you part of the construction industry value chain and planning for industrialization. And design and produce for example modular units,  wall-, slab- and roof elements, or entire houses and other systems. Then we believe we are a match!

Let us know what your ambitions are. Together we accelerate the innovation spiral of the built environment! Join our mission for enabling mass customization in the construction industry!

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